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Fast Functional Feet is a sports performance company that helps athletes maximize their physical, technical,
and mental potential through innovative training and education.

Who are we?

Fast Functional Feet (3F) strives to improve athletes by emphasizing injury prevention and functionality. Our system is built on executing proper movement mechanics and muscle recruitment into drills and activities that translate into any sport. We believe that once athletes understand how to move, they will be able to excel in their given sport and decrease their risk of injury.

What is the 3F System?


  • The 3F system is modeled after the Optimum Performance Pyramid. We believe in building the proper foundation through movement, maximizing the performance qualities, and refining sport-specific skills. As each of the bottom pillars improve, the potential for the subsequent pillars increases simultaneously.


  • Our philosophy enables us to make an impact on athletes from all different sports. When we build from the ground up, our athletes push the limits of their physical, technical, and mental capabilities.


"Fast Functional Feet has been the ideal environment for me to up my game to the next level. From intense, targeted workouts that push me to my limits, to personal coaching that really understands me as a player and how to best improve my skills, Fast Functional Feet has not only helped me up my game for my high school and club teams, but more than prepared me for soccer at Cal State, Monterrey Bay"
Dio RUiz
Collegiate player

Training programs

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  • 10-week seasons with two practices per week
  • Targeted training to highlight specific movement and skill development planned by coaches with D1 experience
  • Training with other elite players for a competitive, growth-focused environment



  • 1-on-1 sessions with rehab professional with a sports medicine background
  • Personalized analysis through the Functional Movement Screen
  • Customized home exercise program to continue progress way from sessions



  • 10-week seasons with two practices per week
  • Progressive raining to focus on individual and team development planned by coaches with D1 experience
  • Drills progress from closed to open environments to improve skill integration

Customized coaching to


Our custom system is tailored towards every athlete, and works to maximize each player’s potential through targeted work to highlight specific skills for your position, play style, weaknesses, and strengths. Join us today.


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