3F System

We help rehabilitate athletes to return stronger than ever

When physical therapy is complete, most athletes are not ready to return to their previous level of competition. Our 3F team has developed a bridge program that helps rebuild post-rehabilitative athletes to return to their sport at 100% strength.

Our REHAB system

Stride Towards Greatness

Our program is based on the recommendations of orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and athletic trainers mixed with the clinical experience of our sports medicine staff. 

We focus on releasing overcompensation, activating key muscles through open and closed chain exercises, and integrating newly acquired strength into sport-specific movement.

My soccer player fractured her ankle on a bad field five months ago. Now three months into her recovery, the combination of physical therapy and gradual training for her sport in mind has worked wonders. We will continue to train with 3F for agility, core strength and injury prevention as they are boosting my daughters athleticism and confidence. I Highly recommend this experienced and trustworthy crew!

Paul Clem

alameda soccer club parent

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