Community is a vital part of the 3F family

Our local community is a vital part of our mission at Fast Functional Feet, both within local soccer and basketball circles and the greater Bay Area community.

Interacting with the local community and giving back are key facets of our philosophy and mission: to prepare players to become elite athletes, not only by upping their game but also molding them into responsible, humanitarian citizens who understand the responsibility that comes with being an elite athlete, from being your club or high school captain to being a role model and playing at the professional level. To the right are photos of Fast Functional Feet being a part of Alameda’s famous 4th of July parade. We at Fast Functional Feet believe that giving back and embracing the local community not only supports local businesses such as ourselves, but constructs our athletes into conscious, responsible people.

Christmas Cup Toy Drive


Annually, we hold a Christmas Cup Toy Drive to give back to the community and support local families in need and spread that holiday cheer! Thank you to everyone involved before, during, and after the toy drive. It definitely takes a village, and we’re very lucky our village is a strong one! Your support goes a long way and will definitely make some smiles light up extra bright this Christmas. 
Due to the pandemic, this year’s Annual Toy Drive will transform into a Toy Drop-Off on Saturday, December 12th in Alameda, CA! Bring a toy and help us spread some holiday cheer!