3F System

We train basketball players to compete at the highest level

Our individualized formula prepares basketball players for the highest level through intensive, targeted training to develop basketball-specific movement, performance capabilities, and skill.

Our basketball system

Stride Towards Greatness

We work to develop complete players through targeted training in game realistic situations. Our innovative system builds confidence in a controlled environment that progresses into open environment decision making and skill execution.

Most team practices focus on strategy and scheme in an attempt to optimize their in-game system. We focus on the complete development of each player. Whether it’s refining your release or defensive positioning, our team of experts has specific, directed drills to improve your game to play in any system.¬†

If you’re looking to make improvements in your game, it starts with making improvements to your body and the way you move! Huge shout out to my guys at Fast Functional Feet, went from being in pain to being confident and explosive… and most importantly- painless!

Kenny Hatch


Due to COVID-19, drop-in training has been suspended. Please reach out to inquire about private sessions.

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