We are officially three days away from the start of our first performance camp! As a team, we are very proud of reaching this milestone. As an individual, I am very proud to see the vision come to life. However, our vision did not just come to life, it realized its potential and grew bigger.

The vision has always been centered around helping athletes excel at their sport. It has revolved around pushing limits and reaching levels individuals thought were unattainable. These qualities can be developed through sport, but the qualities definitely extend past the game.

Commitment, passion, pure hard work, and dealing with defeat are all characteristics of a successful individual. As our athletes build these traits through training and competition, they are embedding these qualities into their identity. As they approach the rigors of high school, college, and the work force, these characteristics will keep them fighting through every obstacle.

We are excited to carry out this vision. As we expand and are given the opportunity to work with more individuals, we get to spread our perspective. With that said, this camp could not come soon enough!

Please join us as we take a large stride forward! Our flyer is posted below and registration will remain open throughout the week.

−Coach Chris

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